What Does Your Oral Health Reveal About Your General Health?

Healty Teeth Lawrenceville GA While many individuals understand the importance of oral health, they are more likely to commit to regular wellness appointments over dental checkups. Perhaps this is because they fear the dentist, or maybe they assume that daily brushing and flossing is enough to keep their teeth and gums healthy. While this certainly goes a long way in promoting good oral health, the truth is—there is a strong connection between one’s oral and general health.

The Mayo Clinic emphasizes the link among oral and overall health by addressing the presence of bacteria in the mouth. For instance, while most bacteria within the mouth are harmless and can be controlled with regular oral care, there are instances in which bacteria builds up. When this occurs, teeth and gums are prone to decay and infection. What’s more is that the effects of bacteria are amplified when individuals take certain medications, such as decongestants, antihistamines, painkillers or antidepressants. These medications are known to reduce the flow of saliva, leading to dry mouth. Ultimately, this means that harmful bacteria cannot be neutralized and washed away.

Even so, dry mouth is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the relationship between oral and general health. In essence, oral health contributes to a number of diseases and conditions. In the same way, conditions affect one’s oral health. As an example, research suggests that inflammation and oral infections in the mouth can lead to inflammation and clogged arteries in the heart. In turn, periodontal gum disease has been tied to premature childbirth and even low birth weight.

On the other hand, conditions such as diabetes, HIV/AIDS and Osteoporosis are believed to contribute to a greater incidence of oral health problems by slowing the body’s healing processes and reducing its ability to fight infection.

Given the above-mentioned discussion, it is imperative to commit to regular dental visits, even if you are practicing good oral health at home. After all, any investment made into your oral health is also an investment into your general health.

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