Top Reasons to Consider GLO Teeth Whitening

When making your wish list this holiday season, don’t forget to include a brighter smile. Compared to that new sweater or fancy coffeemaker, the gift of white teeth can go a long way. A bright white smile can boost your self-esteem, make you more approachable and even take years off your appearance. When it comes to the latest teeth whitening options in modern dentistry, GLO Whitening tops the list.

Not all teeth whitening systems are created equal. While professional whitening from your dentist is considered a safer and superior method to over-the-counter treatments you can do at home, the professional GLO Whitening technology is even more unique. Here are some top reasons why patients choose to “go with GLO” for a whiter smile:

No Sensitivity. A very common drawback of teeth whitening (even some professional grade systems) is teeth sensitivity and gum irritation. With GLO, there is zero pain and sensitivity involved. The closed mouthpiece design protects your soft tissues from the elements used to lighten your smile, and the patented GLO whitening gel clings to your teeth instead of seeping out on your gums.

Professional-Grade Experience in the Comfort of Your Home.  Unlike other whitening treatments from your dentist, the GLO method relies on a powerful treatment session in the office, but it can also include professional-grade tools to take home. You’ll simply apply the gel from a vial, attach your provided mouthpiece, and press the GLO button on your hands-free device.

Better, Quicker Results. Clinical studies show that GLO professional whitening delivers smiles that are an average of five shades brighter after just one in-office whitening treatment and four subsequent at-home sessions. It can take two weeks or more to see noticeable results from store-bought bleaching trays, and the results are often disappointing and less vibrant.

Works on Dental Restorations. Unlike most chairside bleaching and laser whitening treatments, GLO can be just as effective on crowns, bridges, bonding, veneers and other dental restorations as it is on the enamel of your natural teeth.

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