Sensitive-Free Teeth Whitening with GLO

Lawrenceville GA Teeth Whitening DentistIn regards to cosmetic dentistry, the popularity of teeth whitening continues to soar, as it’s the most requested treatment to revitalize one’s smile. Even so, there are many promises out there, from over the counter whitening pastes, to on the go whitening pens, trays, and bleaching systems. With different methods of delivery and application, along with the risk of contamination of different whitening chemicals (when mixed with the patient’s saliva), many become frustrated when they do not obtain the result that they wanted. In addition, many report tooth sensitivity following treatment. This is why dentists across the country are recommending sensitive-free teeth whitening with the revolutionary whitening technology of G.L.O. (Guided Light Optics).

Given the compromises of other systems, GLO technology consists of a teeth whitening device, g-vial gels, and a closed-system whitening mouthpiece. Accelerated, more efficient whitening is achieved as the device warms, generating an illuminating blue light. Backed by 18 patents, the GLO system has been tested and proved in a clinical setting to whiten teeth up to 5 shades with no “zingers,” or tooth sensitivity. Dental professionals refer to this as the GLO difference.

Perhaps one of the greatest aspects of the GLO system is the advanced closed-system mouthpiece. Unlike tray-based methods or whitening strips, oxygen cannot enter the mouthpiece, nor can it escape the surfaces of teeth. While this is important to obtain optimal, longer-lasting results, it also protects the patient’s sensitive gum tissues.

To begin their whitening experience with GLO, patients simply apply the gel from the g-vial onto teeth, attach their mouthpiece, and press a GLO button on their hand-held device. In intervals of 8 minutes, patients appreciate the simple, sensitive-free whitening achieved with GLO, whether in-office or at-home.

A Groundbreaking Solution For You

As a Top Patient Rated Dentist for 2017, Dr. Patel and the team at Lawrenceville Family Dental Care are happy to provide patients with the extraordinary benefits of teeth whitening with GLO technology. Without question, we believe this this is a groundbreaking solution for you. Call today to schedule your appointment.

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