Osteoporosis And Oral Health

Older Couple SmilingAs studies continue to investigate osteoporosis and what it’s all about, new light is being shed on the connection between osteoporosis and oral health. Dentistry IQ explains that osteoporosis is a condition that’s worth worrying about, because it will affect more than half of all Americans, particularly those over the age of 50. Because fragile, weakened bones characterize the disease, it’s easy to understand why the dental community has taken notice.

To better understand, osteoporosis has the ability to damage jawbones. What’s more, it increases the risk of developing periodontal gum disease that could eventually lead to loss of teeth. Even so, the impact of osteoporosis seems to be greater for women than men. This is due to the changing hormonal levels associated with menopause. Therefore, females that suffer from the bone disease are more likely to lose their teeth. While dentures are a viable solution for missing teeth, damage to the bone ridges in the jaw make it difficult to hold dentures in place. This means that females might need to have dentures realigned frequently, or perhaps even replace their dentures more often than those without osteoporosis.

Given the tremendous impact of osteoporosis on oral and dental health, it is imperative to commit to routine dental examinations. Not only can dentists monitor the condition of a patient’s teeth, gum tissues and jawbone, they can perform conservative treatments along the way to correct problems early and strengthen bone health.

A combination of treatments is usually recommended for osteoporosis, and these include bisphosphates to reduce the risk of fracture, as well as healthy lifestyle practices. As such, it’s important to exercise regularly, specifically weight-bearing exercises that improve balance and build bone mass. In addition to a balanced diet, calcium and vitamin D are vital to bone health. Finally, individuals that smoke should consider quitting altogether, as smoking cigarettes increases the risk of bone loss.

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